Sunday 29th August | Victoria Park | Sold Out

We work with a number of initiatives to ensure you have the safest and most enjoyable time at Field Day.

Safer Spaces (AIF)

As well as bringing the finest music and culture to Field Day we believe in treating everyone equally and with the mutual respect each person deserves, so as members of The Association of Independent Festivals (AIF) we are proud to be part of Safe Spaces. A campaign to raise greater awareness about sexual violence across everyone from audiences to artists, staff and volunteers while spreading important messages around ‘consent’, ‘not being a bystander’, and to take a strict ‘zero tolerance’ approach to all forms of sexual assault. 

At Field Day, we have a zero tolerance policy towards any kind of sexual assault or harassment at our festival. We wish everyone to feel totally comfortable and safe in our environment. We define sexual assault as ‘any unwanted sexual act or activity’. There are many different kind of sexual violence including but not restricted to rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment. 

Such actions and behaviour will not be tolerated at Field Day and anyone suspected of such offences will be pursued and if necessary, ejected from the festival. We will work with the police to support investigations and charging decisions. If something happens to you or someone around you, please support it to the nearest steward or security guard. More details on what support services will be available at Field Day are coming soon. Above all, we want and will work to ensure all attendees are in a safe and comfortable environment where they can enjoy the music, food and culture at Field Day.

Festival Safe 

Festival Safe is a cross-industry initiative designed by fellow festival organisers and industry professionals. It aims to ensure you and your mates, attending the festival for the first time or returning, are aware of ways to reduce the possible harms associated with the festival experience.

There is heaps more information on the Festival Safe website, covering every aspect of festival-going including what to bring, crime, drugs, alcohol, sexual and mental health and much more.


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