ARANCINA is an artisanal Italian street food favorite that has been serving thousands of customers every day with its unique fresh “pizza alla pala” (made to a secret recipe) and regional snacks, including its famous deep fried Sicilian arancini – risotto croquettes filled with different seasonal fillings – since 2006. Over the last decade, the MORTARI brothers have built ARANCINA into an iconic west London pizzeria – a must visit for many – with a loyal customer following and strong fan base.

Over and above the steady flow of regular Londoners of every nationality that live or work nearby, the branches attract the attention of people seeking a ‘real Italian EXPERIENCE’. Backing that, ARANCINA is strongly regarded by the substantial Italian community that resides in the city. Being in a busy tourist area, Trip Advisor and other websites have many reviews from past customers that recommend ARANCINA as a destination eaterie for visitors.

ARANCINA stands for:
• A true-to-Rome EXPERIENCE
• ITALIAN STREET FOOD (including UNIQUE pizza alla pala and arancini)
• AFFORDABLE not overpriced
• AUTHENTIC – Italian ingredients & only QUALITY fresh food
• Served with the WARMTH of southern Italy and a SMILE
Positively reputable, ARANCINA has clear competitive advantages, including the quality and uniqueness of its product offering; the company’s authenticity and heritage; brand recognition that’s been built over nearly two decades; an existing core audience that loves ARANCINA; a real Italian experience that serves quality at affordable prices.
Our best-selling pizza alla pala is completely unique, made to a secret ARANCINA-owned recipe. While most pizzerias focus on toppings, for us it’s ‘all about that base’ which is intentionally designed as a street-food, to eat-on-the-go, by the slice (pizza al taglio).

The signature ARANCINA pizza is made of a hand stretched dough that rises for a crisp outer crust and a textured, light, airy centre. It is topped with only the freshest ingredients sourced direct from Italy for the ultimate authentic experience. In short our base merits several key selling points on its own:

• Unique : The Original Pizza Alla Pala as served in Rome
• Rises when baked. Crisp outside, light & airy inside.
• Artisan hand made, hand stretched
• Can reheat without losing texture or taste
• High quality flours and a long proofing time
• Easy to digest and nutritionally superior
• No table, fork or knife required – tidy, eat-as-you-go slices
Beyond ingredients and heritage, the service is operated by directors from Rome that live and breathe the business every day. Their family background and “Italianisms” bleed into every element of the brand and service, from their Fiat 500 to how they communicate.
As a family business, it took the brothers a bit of work in order to build the formula that can be replicated maintaining an high quality.


Dietary: Vegetarian


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