Arab Strap

To those of us who’ve long suspected that signing off your final album with an anthem called ‘There Is No Ending’ might preface a comeback: today, vindication.

Moffat and Middleton have barely drawn breath since Arab Strap called it a day: they’ve made myriad solo LPs, and more. Moffat’s new film, Where You’re Meant To Be, (directed by Paul Fegan) is released this month, and there’s been an award-winning two-album tryst with Bill Wells, a children’s story book (The Lavender Blue Dress) and an emotional robot band with art-rock collective FOUND (#Unravel). Meanwhile, Middleton has joined forces with David Shrigley (Music and Words), had a Top 40 hit single (We’re All Going to Die), honed a 1980s instrumental alter-ego (Human Don’t Be Angry) and his latest solo album, Summer of ’13, came out last month.

In light of all this alt-pop action, there’s no talk of new Arab Strap material or future plans, just the small matter of their set at Field Day; which we can’t wait for.

Here’s to hugs and pints and shy retirers; to hey fever and oxytocin; to packs of three and big weekends and drunkards musing at the bar. Here’s to where it all began.


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