Áine Cahill

Debuting at Glastonbury on the Bread and Roses stage this summer, 22 year old Áine Cahill caught the attention of BBC producers and was thrust into the limelight on their backstage live TV coverage, delivering an unbelievable acoustic performance of her debut single

‘Black Dahlia’ and sparking an incredible reaction.

Now gearing up to make 2017 her year, Áine returns with her follow up single ‘Plastic’, a second slice of unique storytelling with sultry strings and soulful beats reverberating around her velvety vocals.

From a small town in County Cavan, Ireland, Áine’s music is inspired by her love of classic Jazz from the 1950s, though her lyrics are very much for the modern day. ‘Plastic’ takes aim at a vacuous recipient, with Áine’s warm vocals shrouding her cutting words.


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